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Become a revolutionary.

Now you can have access to the information you need to make informed decisions about your health, tap into a global community of scientists, researchers, doctors and health professionals at-large and get the support you've been looking for.  

Welcome to a whole new way of
managing your health.

It has never been more critical to take back control of your health. The proliferation of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer and Alzheimer's is unprecedented due to our inactive lifestyles, high stress, and poor nutrition.  


The healthcare system is focused on disease treatment for commercial gain rather than the diagnosis, prevention, and cure of disease for sustainable health.  Drug therapy is the default approach to treatment and may not always be appropriate, optimal, or beneficial.  The Health Industry needs a shake-up, people need a new solution for health.

Here we empower you to discover your journey to personalized health with My Health Quest. We will develop a personalized digital program that will include specific testing, monitoring and access to the worlds leading medical doctors, nutritionists, health coaches within a global community of fellow My Health Quest members.

My Health Quest will help you manage, monitor and track your journey of healing  your body based on your genetic makeup and body type. We will offer you an affordable program and platform that will match you with the appropriate medical doctors and health coaches via our telemedicine and health portal through your comfort of your home.

Health Quest Services

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Get to the root of the problem and take control.  


At health quest we develop a personalized profile of your health through a detailed health diagnostic  that utilizes unique algorithms to provide a score of your general health and risk markers. Using this unique personal profile we recommend key panels of tests and allow you and our health professionals to focus in on the root cause of the health of your body.

Blood Test
Using a Touch Phone

Health Track

At health quest we track all your key health data and capture through all forms of body testing. By connecting to your wearables we are able to track your exercise, sleep and stress data to provide a complete holistic picture of your health. Digital dashboards illustrating your progress via your mobile devices allow you to manage your health on the go.


Through the Health Quest portal you can connect to the latest science, have a forum of like-minded people to connect with, and a global community of health care professionals and specialists, such as medical doctors,, naturopaths, nutritionists, and exercise and health coaches to support you on your personal health journey.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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